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Zero Waste Events

The target is to send zero waste from Games-time venues directly to landfill. To help make this happen, Yoke created an engaging online campaign website.

The London 2012 Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) have created a Zero Waste Events Protocol, detailing the the plan of action to make this the first truly sustainable Olympic Games. To help achieve this ambitious goal, Yoke teamed forces with Good Business  to bring LOCOG’s Protocol to life as an online campaign.


The Final Designs

The key purpose for this campaign site, as with any campaign site, was to engage as many people as possible with its message. To go about this we put our creative forces to use and developed a site with an interactive landing page which encourages the user to think about the issue.


zero waste landing page


The homepage design then features a strong animation to capture the users attention…


zero waste designs

The volumes of waste that go to Landfill are just too large to fathom, but we wanted to communicate this to the users in an accessible way. With some great mathematician wizardry from Kate at Good Business, we established some ‘Olympic Games inspired’ units to illustrate just how much waste goes to landfill each year.  We then created an animation on the homepage to illustrate this:

home illustration 1

home illustration 2

home illustration

home illustration

As a means of encouraging local waste managers to manage their waste responsibly, we creatively illustrated the protocol’s 5 point, incorporating case-studies and top tips for each point, bringing the protocol to life.

Identity Design

We created a solution for the Zero Waste Events identity that successfully visualised the message and communicates this to the varied user audience.

Zero waste identity

This branding is now being used throughout all of the Zero-waste Events online communication.

Quantifying Impact

Yoke’s main aim is to work with organisations to encourage positive change, and this project is a great example of that. However, it’s all very well making a great looking site but we want to know how effective our online campaign websites are at spreading their message.

The hub of the site is connection to a LinkedIn group, that houses the main conversation surrounding the protocol. The member numbers are rising everyday and their is a healthy discussion taking place, via Google Analytics we can track how many people are clicking to join the LinkedIn Group from the site.

The Results

With the Olympic Games on the horizon the campaign is well under way, we are getting more and more people joining the discussion daily.  Breathing life into the pdf protocol has really helped to inspire and engage this discussion, making the most of the interaction that a website offers you.


Have a campaign you would like to bring to life online? Drop us a line to see if we can help.

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